Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Welcome to the MICE blog! Michigan Indie Crafters of Etsy (MICE) is dedicated to promoting Michigan artist and crafters. Our goal is not only to create a forum where Michigan Etsy members can discuss our work, marketing, advertising and promotional opportunities, but to also assist our community with our creativity.

We want to not only to share our creations and promote our love of Etsy, but aim to add creativity to the areas and people in the state of Michigan that so badly need support and love. We believe creating and sharing can bring about change and happiness and want to spread this idea through promotions and meetings. We hope to combine our energies with other non-profit organizations and lend our skills to build a better state.

This blog will be a place to spotlight our members, update you on our upcoming events, and promote handmade craft talent here in MI!


  1. This is great! I've got my hands in too many things at the moment, but when I have time, or an item to post, I'd love to help!


  2. I want to join but I am not WM saginaw is not WM lol